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One of the biggest reason Store Age Malaysia is the best choice for you is because they are one of the biggest paper bag manufacturer in Malaysia. Serving many luxury brands for more than 20 years and quality is assured! Customization is definitely one of the best they have in the market.

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Why Custom Made Paper Bag For Your Own Business?

Having your own paper bag with printed logo is equally important as doing digital marketing on social media. Physical appearance of your paper bag would create a unique identity and elevates for your brand in the eyes of the consumers.

Why Kraft Paper Bag

Store Age bags are made of  kraft paper pulp imported directly from Tohoku, Japan. For those who do not know, kraft papers are bio-degradable which makes them eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable. Designing your bags with sustainability and green lifestyle in mind creates a sense of community and responsibility that relates to the preservation of mother nature.

Increasing Popularity 

Kraft paper bags are well-known and very popular on luxury brands. They are widely adopted and use because of their basic natural look and feel. In terms of usage, kraft paper bag also well-known for it’s durability and tear-resistant. 

Boost Your Brand Awareness

Paper bag is slowly but surely becoming a mainstay of the ever changing lifestyle. Stylish bags provide exposure to your brand which in turn helps to elevate your brand.

Improve Sales Conversion

At the point when your item is appropriately packed with premium quality paper bag, you can attract more prospects which will help in elevating your brand to the intended interest group.

20 Alternative Sizes and Paper

Store Age has more than 20 different sizes and paper style for custom printing. You can choose the best color and size according to your needs. 

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