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Kraft Paper Bag has become one of the most popular bag to use among luxury brands and businesses. But why is that and why is it so popular? 

About Paperman

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Paperman is a leading local paper bag supplier with 25 years of expertise, serving over 200 retail brands and growing. We provide customize paper bag with low MOQ for SME businesses coupled with option to customise the bags printed logos or designs. 

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Top 5 Reasons for Using Kraft Paper Bag

Recycle paper bag

1. Environmentally Friendly

Kraft Paper is well known for its bio-degradable and recyclable materials. By now, everyone knows about the negative impacts that single-use plastic has on our planet. As the trend is pivoting towards recyclable paper bags instead of plastics, Malaysia, along with a host of other countries are implementing ban on plastic bags.

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2. Versatility

Paper bags are perfect for a multitude of uses for various products and businesses. Great for customization and logo printing to elevate your brand to the next level.

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3. Cost-Effective

Paper bags are one of the lowest-cost packaging products available today. We may have misspoke earlier when we said they’re a triple threat. It should be a quadruple threat as they’re so reusable, affordable & durable! 

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4. Stylish Looking

This basic natural look is created by the typical colors of kraft paper like yellow brown, yellow gray, dark brown. Kraft paper bags carry the breath of past memories, reminding the user of nostalgic footage of childhood; therefore it is the friendliest kind of bag.

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5. Enhance your business image

An average paper bag is reused 3.5 times before being completely discarded. Bringing kraft paper bags, especially recycled paper into packaging, businesses also contribute to protecting the Earth, improving the brand image in the minds of consumers.

After reading the benefits of kraft paper bag, question is, when will you make the change to paper bags?


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